Chinese in Europe

It is a fact: Chinese criminal syndicates based in Europe are increasingly thriving in their business, notably by means of a successful hybridization with indigenous organized crime groups. The phenomenon is impacting the Old Continent as a whole, with Italy and Spain the most affected countries.

In mid-December 2012, Italian law enforcement officials uncovered a criminal organization run by Chinese residents with the help of some local white collar workers. In the space of a few years, the criminal outfit had created a real estate and commercial empire in the district of Venice, northeast Italy, by investing proceeds from human trafficking and forced prostitution of illegal immigrants from China.

Two months before the Sino-Italian criminal ring was disbanded, a Chinese organized crime ring was smashed in Spain. More than 80 people were arrested on charges of money-laundering, sex trafficking and extortion. The crime syndicate had allegedly laundered US$200 million annually for years, money that it had garnered by dodging custom duties on imported goods from China.

It’s like a reversal of “猛龍過江(English Title: The Way of the Dragon)”:

Unlike that movie, your Italian Mafia in Italy probably isn’t speaking American-English.


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