Lies. Damn Lies. Statistics.

A lot of people think that whenever I criticize China on its lack of trustworthiness, people think that all I can ever talk about is the fact that the government hides from its own people, the fact that they starved so many during the Great Leap Forward. However, let’s bring it to a more modern context, and talk about the statistics they have on their exports:
No one believes them.

How about when they were pissed off at the American Embassy tweeting BeiJing Air Quality “not in accordance to Chinese standards”? Well now, you have smfog so thick, that it took a couple hours before anyone figured out that some factory was on fire. NICE! Oh, and maybe someone might want to check the Ph levels in the water… While they’re at it, check it for other pollutants too. Wonderful to know that not long ago, entire cities were flooded with this stuff.


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