Communism Still Looms Large

梁秉鈞 (Leung, Ping-Kwan) recently passed away. I never read any of this man’s poems, but I think his view is supported by all overseas Chinese, of which until recently 2/3 had come from Cantonese-speaking areas:

I had interviewed him last October — about writing, not politics — and he repeated the call that marked his life: that Hong Kong and other Chinese places, inheritors of pre-Communist Party Chinese culture, with important regional characteristics that represented the real varieties of China, should be given their place in the sun and not overshadowed by the giant mainland…

Contrast that attitude towards culture, compared with that you find from the average communist-educated folk, like Mr. Henry C.K. Liu:

China’s “reform and open” policy has legalized foreign infiltration into every aspect of its economy and society, allowing Hong Kong, now officially under Chinese sovereignty, to continue to be an anti-China foreign base and a hot-bed safe haven for corruption on the mainland.

The Beijing-centric, communist education that these people receive make it hard for MaoZeDong’s legacy to be looked at with a correct perspective. Northerners forget that although they are the political center of the country, they fail to realize they are not the cultural or business center of the country. Historically, everything thing it has ever gained, was by extorting other areas of the country, without producing anything of value. In terms of curruption, Hong Kong has nothing against mainland China. Notice how all of Mainland China’s nouveau riche flock to Hong Kong to give birth, just so they can guarantee their children Hong Kong citizenship, so that their kids can enjoy better social services and education in Hong Kong. America, if you’re laughing at Hong Kong thinking “they aren’t coming here!” Think again:
The only thing they don’t do in America, that they do in Hong Kong though, is take the subway in droves to go down to Hong Kong, buy up as much food products as they can (driving up prices for the average Hong Kong consumer), and then bringing it back with them to the Mainland. Why? Because they don’t trust their own products. Heck, you can’t even drink wine without getting poisoned. I’m sure Mr. Liu would love to see the return of the Red Guards, because they “did such wonderful stuff for China”. It’s like listening to that idiot 孔慶東


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