TAIPEI – Taiwanese activists and human-rights advocates ushered in the New Year with promises to prevent “a return to authoritarianism” and bring justice to the families of prisoners who were executed just before Christmas.

Rights lawyers say they plan to file criminal charges against Justice Minister Tseng Yung-fu, while calling for his impeachment for “illegally” ordering the execution of six convicts who had been handed death sentences, confirmed by the Taiwan Supreme Court, for a total of eight murders.

The men were executed on December 21 by pistol shots to the head and heart in three prisons across Taiwan, without prior notification to families or lawyers.

Ye-ah, bitches! KMT is back with a vengeance! None of this PR-friendly, nascent democracy shit! Don’t like it? Don’t make them put you on Death Row!

Funny, on the other side of the strait, they’re also talking about correction reforms, specifically 勞教 (Education Through Labor):

Well, if Labor Education will actually be ended reformed, that would be a good thing. Let’s wait and see where that goes. To be honest, that is a bigger discussion on corrections reform, than what is discussed in the US.

The next thing we need to do is work on what we do with the mentally ill in our society…
A lot of these murders could have been prevented. But they weren’t. Why wasn’t this man on medication sooner? Also, why was he released the first go around? To say that there needs to be reforms in China’s judicial system is an understatement from the perspective of a person who’s not a lawyer. If any lawyers would like to tell me otherwise, please let me know.


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