Yesterday, I bought a car. I even traded in my old car for a low amount than what it’s worth. Did I get taken for a ride? Yes. Despite knowing the tips in here:

I didn’t want to haggle, so I decided to use one of those car-buying services from my bank, which would have given me a price below invoice. The bank’s service even gave me a contact. Unfortunately, I was contacted by someone else from the dealership and went with them. Yeah, that was where the mistake began. They made their money’s worth out of me, and I’m angry.

However, in comparison to the farmers in China:

Labor activist Han Dongfang wrote on mingpao.com, “Farmers have long been the victims of corrupt officials and crooked businessmen who together bullied or swindled them out of their land, leaving countless millions facing destitution. Even this class, considered by many to be the least politically engaged in Chinese society, who 20 years ago were given ten yuan a head to march on the streets decrying the democracy movement, have been driven into a corner by the corruption of local officials. And now they have now begun to fight back, exposing corruption and defending their lawful land rights. Continuing the struggle down through the generations.” [Source: Han Dongfang, mingpao.com, June 4 2009]

My issues aren’t big at all in comparison to them. Yes, I should stop complaining. So why is it everywhere we go we get swindled though? If not when we buy cars or homes, why is people face worse fates, like get their lands taken away from them? This world is messed up. I can continue to console myself in the fact that I still live under a roof, and in comparison to these folks:

I live in much better conditions than they do. But if I just console myself in these facts, what the hell does that say about me as a person, when I won’t lift up a finger to do something for someone else? So, what can I do? What should I do?


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