Promoting: 湮沒的歷史 (History of Oblivion)

Very good Hong Kong documentary about the people who try to reveal famine experienced during the Great Leap Forward, which isn’t taught officially in China’s schools:

For those of you who only speak Mandarin, don’t fear, everyone interviewed speaks a variation of it. The occasional Cantonese narration doesn’t come up much, and even throughout, the Chinese subtitles help out greatly. English only? Sorry, 白人看不懂.

The reason for posting this? Once again, whenever it comes to dealing with Sino-Japanese relations, one of the sore points is WWII, and the fact that Japanese textbooks revise their history in a way that the rest of Asia can’t agree with. In other words, Japanese aren’t willing to admit their historic atrocities. Well, when China’s government can’t admit or conveniently forgets its own atrocities against its own people, just like the video above showed, it doesn’t have much moral high ground on the global stage. At the end of the day, all of the Chinese protests and demonstrations won’t be worth anything, until China admits its own issues, and ultimately, improves its own image.


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