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Chinese Villagers’ Homes Forcibly Demolished As They Slept

2012 October 31, Luanchuan County Luanchuan Village Luozhuang Countryside, 82-year-old Xu Xianglan collapsed in front of her house, which is now in ruins, her two hands covering her face as tears streamed down.

According to the villagers whose houses were demolished, in the late night of October 21, more than 80 people wearing white gloves and camouflage clothing broke into villagers’ homes, dragged them out while they were sleeping with only their underwear on, and tore down 4 families’ houses with excavators before leaving. Up to now, no one has claimed responsibility for this forced demolition incident, and the local government has already gotten involved and opened an investigation.

The website has tons of pictures, and it’s pretty messed up. One comment from a netizen I found was pretty striking:

騰訊網友 卓什麼:
hehe 奇怪的國家,自己同胞的家都保不出,卻天天喊著保釣魚島。街頭老人不敢扶,小偷不敢抓,卻天天喊著打到日本去。
Hehe, what a strange country, can’t even protect our own compatriots’ homes, yet we yell about protecting the Diaoyu Islands [aka Senkaku Islands] every day. We don’t dare to offer a helping hand to a fallen old man on the street, don’t dare to chase after a thief, yet we yell about invading Japan every day.

In light of the 18th Plenum to announce new Chinese leadership, it’s funny how the central government touts that they were powerful enough to “liberate Tibetans from slavery“, and how they stamp out corruption within their own government, yet when it comes to the local governments doing all sorts of nasty things, they then say, “Oh! We’re too big, and we’re worry about so many other things! We’d like to help, but can’t!” Or better yet, they complain and say, “Hey, these things happen in other countries too!” So does that mean because it happens in other countries, you shouldn’t do anything about it? Yeah, but that’s like saying, “I’m not going to bother taking a shower, because I’ll only get dirty tomorrow.”


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