Chinese Image Facing Xenophobia

As much as I harp on the fact that China needs to improve its image, and ultimately change its attitude over certain issues to improve its soft power, it doesn’t help when there’s xenophobia abound. Just as Joshua Stanton of ChinaHearsay talks about the China-bashing that goes on in the US, and of recent with the Presidential debates, and all throughout the election campaigns.

In South Africa however, considering the high unemployment:

As South Africa’s mining industry reels from weeks of wildcat strikes amid warnings that the unrest could lead to more job losses in an industry that provides employment for around 500,000 people, the last thing the country needed was a rise in unemployment.

But that’s what it got on Thursday when Statistics SA reported that joblessness in Africa’s largest economy had risen to 25.5 per cent in the third quarter, up from 24.9 per cent in the previous three months of the year.

It’s very easy to try to find a scapegoat, like Chinese immigrants as an excuse:

Kevin Bloom and Richard Poplak writing in the Daily Maverick, “Chinese shopkeeper cover story a new low for South African Journalism,” deftly deconstruct the cover story in Noseweek, yet another piece of “yellow journalism” about Chinese immigration into southern Africa. Here’s the lead for the Daily Maverick story, describing the Noseweek piece: “a humid conspiracy theory wrapped in the guise of journalism, and when it isn’t racist and xenophobic, it’s plain wrong.”


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