Funny Quotes: A Single Thing

不是人民選出來的政府,有什麼臉面代表這個國家?愛這樣的國家就是對祖國的背叛! 要“廢除『一個黨、一個領袖、一個主義』的法西斯獨裁政治」”——《毛澤東》If it’s not a government elected by the people, what dignity does it have to represent this country? To love such a country, would be a betrayal to our homeland! We Need to “Rid ourselves of this ‘single-party, single-leader, single-ideal’ fascist dictatorship”——《Mao, ZeDong》


13=阝12=口 J=丁 (阿)
L=氵 Z=工 (江)
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