Chinese Colonialism?

Personally, I prefer the term “Experialism

It is news to none that China is expanding its resource-acquisition activities across the world. And in its search for mining and drilling rights, China seems more than willing to work with any government that will help secure such investments, including those accused of rampant corruption or severe human rights violations.

Even in countries with more benign governments, resource exports still may not help to improve living standards for ordinary people, as resource exploitation often leads to environmental degradation and adverse effects from the so-called Dutch disease. China is routinely accused of importing resources from countries caught up in this ‘disease’, before then ‘dumping’ cheap manufactured goods on them. As a result, Chinese international investment is often seen as a form of ‘new colonialism’.

The reality is that Chinese resource companies differ very little from resource companies the world over — except that Chinese companies often operate in more marginalised countries, mostly because the markets in more secure countries are already controlled by Western companies. In addition, China’s resource-acquisition projects have been shaped by its domestic priorities, including those formulated by its domestic politics.

So in other words, if dealing with unstable governments with questionable political practicises and varying degrees of stability, was economic for western companies, they’d be doing the same thing too, eh? Gotta’ give those corporations one thing: They’re not flipfloppers! They don’t go back and forth as to whether or not they like them almighty dallah-dallah billz, yo!


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