Black Prisoner Beat. Riot Ensues.

My bad. I should have blogged about this sooner, but I got sidetracked. Sorry!

Holy shit!

Guangzhou Yuexiu district police today (June 19th) announced to the media: On the afternoon of the 19th, some foreign nationals gathered on Guangyuan West Road and stopped traffic, and the Yuexiu district police quickly adopted decisive measures and legally and properly handled the incident.

Yanheng Evening News reports that yesterday noon, a male foreign national and a moped owner who was providing rides had an argument over the fare and came to blows. Both parties were then taken back to the police station for mediation. That afternoon, this male foreign national suddenly lost consciousness and died. The police have currently opened a case and are investigation.

If you click on the link, you can read the article in full, and all the translated comments of Chinese netizens –not the most politically correct, to say the least. OK, so netizen reaction is even worse than what I would guess would have been openly said about black people in the US during the 1940s. Most of that hatred however, spawns itself from the “illegal immigrant” argument. There are conflicting reports over the years, on figuring out whether or not there was a correlation between immigration and criminality. Regardless, the prevailing sentiment seems to want to draw their conclusion, but is keeping immigrants away from your country a solution? If these guys are in China to make money through legitimate trade, then obviously China let them in for a reason. If they’re there to spread illegal activity, that’s a different issue.

By the way, the guy was Nigerian, if you haven’t guessed:
Some people are obsessed with how the Chinese press didn’t mention that. Then again, in American media, they would want to point out when a minority is involved all the time. So is race that important? Especially when you consider a man was held by authorities and then suddenly died.

Nigerian view on the subject of Nigerians being put in prison:

UPDATE July 1, 2012
After reading China In Africa‘s, I thought, “Maybe if China opened up a Confucius Institute in Nigeria, things might be better!” Well, that’s already happened…”

So maybe it’s time the Nigerians found a way to teach a bit about their culture to Chinese. Or better yet, the Chinese can take the initiative and find out something about Nigerians?

Here’s an NPR report on Nigerians in China:


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