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When one conjures up the dark, shadowy world of interrogation and torture associated with “extraordinary rendition”, the neon glow of this city of global finance does not immediately spring to mind.

Think again: If Sami al-Saadi is to be believed, Hong Kong has become a transit point for secret, sordid deals that land suspected terrorists in some of the world’s worst torture chambers.

What?! Hong Kong? Land of limited government, free economy of the world, and very low taxes?! REALLY?!?!

Saadi’s horrifying saga begins in 1988, when he fled Libya to join the overseas resistance to Gaddafi’s iron-fisted rule, which lasted 42 years before the 69-year-old tyrant was captured and killed by rebels last October.

By the early 1990s, Saadi had adopted the nom de guerre Abu Munthir and was receiving military training in mountain camps in Pakistan with links to Osama bin Laden, the al-Qaeda leader killed in May 2011 during a US Navy SEALs (Sea, Air and Land teams) raid on his secret compound in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad. As a result of his training, Saadi would become an important strategist for the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group seeking to overthrow Gaddafi.

Ah… Well, that’s why! You see, Americans don’t like Al Qaeda. So why so much American influence over a Chinese territory? Because Chinese don’t like Al Qaeda either. Many of the Uighurs fighting for East Turkestan(a.k.a. XinJiang) Independence, also received their training from Al Qaeda. So China accepts American influence in this aspect. So much for the “Anti-Imperial American” Movement the Chinese government is talking about. I mean, their doing lots of business with each other, so it’s only natural that both countries would learn from each other on extra-judicial methods of containing suspects who haven’t been tried and found guilty for any crimes. Many people on the right of America claim Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are largely silent on China’s human rights records, because “China owns a lot of American debt, and is essentially their master“. First of all, this is racist, and wreaks of Yellow Peril hysteria. Second, has anyone ever thought that the real reason we’re not saying anything against China, is that we’ve finally stopped playing the facade that we’re for civil rights?

Of course not! Who am I kidding?



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