Butt-hurt Over Air

After The Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China accused a foreign consulate’s publishing of Chinese air quality data as not conforming to regulations, the United States State Department responded by saying that the data published by the United States’ is simply to provide information for American citizens in China, not interfering with China’s internal affairs, and therefore will not stop publishing such data.

Reporter: “You believe publishing weather reports is not interfering with China’s internal affairs?”
United States State Department Spokesperson Toner: “No, we don’t do not believe so.”
Reporter: You also don’t believe this violates the Vienna Convention?”
United States State Department Spokesperson Toner: “Of course not. This is a service provided for American citizens, the Americans who work in the Embassy community and live in China.”

Really? The Vienna Convention? Wow… Why don’t you just send in the tanks, and blow them up to bits? I mean, the gun smoke won’t effect any of your smog reports, according to your numbers. Or, you could just solve your American woes, by giving them a bottle of water!


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