Elderly Care


Although lots of Americans and people in the west are often criticized for dumping their senior in a living home, and ignoring them, at least they’re “dumped” somewhere. Otherwise, where else would they go? If they lived alone all by themselves without anyone to look after them, what is there for them? In China right now, more and more people are being faced with the decision of either taking their older parents to elder-care homes, or being financially burdened by taking care of them on their own. I’m not that familiar with elementary and early child education, however, I don’t think there are any schools anywhere that tell children how to deal with things like this. If we don’t want to send grandma and grandpa off far, far away, and if we actually value their age and wisdom, and want to keep them home, does anyone actually have the trained mindset to do this? Could it be taught at an early age? Will this prevent abuse of the elderly?


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