So, it’s obvious why America’s selling weapons to Taiwan. First, America gets much-needed cash, and these little countries get a sense of security. Ultimately, it’s part of a larger strategy to buy time, while America develops a strategy against China’s Anti-access/Area Denial (A2/AD):

He then expounded on a school of thought gaining momentum in the US, called “offshore balancing”. According to Holmes, this is the notion that the US can retire from its commitments in Eurasia, entrust them to nations to balance any big power that seeks to dominate the region, and return only if local powers can’t restrain the would-be hegemon.

“That means arms [for US allies]. But what the specific arms packages should look like is another question.”

Holmes concluded on a confident note. “We are certainly working on things, and on doctrine and tactics, to overcome the Anti-Access/Area Denial challenge – to return the costs of entry to an acceptable level for us.”


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