Crying Out for Help

Last year, with the 黃悅悅 incident, many people, including myself, criticized locals of the bystander effect. What I should have done, is pull back my posts, because following the incident, I was among a lot of people inside and outside of China criticizing this incident as if it was only in China that these things happen. However, this isn’t just a Chinese phenomenon:

But that was a video with what could have been interpreted as “a whining kid” and no one wants to save one of those. So, here’s another one:

But surprisingly, China’s reaction to their own inactions over such things, gives them a sense of national disgrace. Then of course, when you read stories like the following:

One tends to think: “Yeah, there’s a lot to be disgraced about.” But these aren’t things unique to China. The problem is, how do we make an incentive to help people? Usually, helping someone out at the scene of a crime involves paperwork, talking to police, who have their unique specific procedures and protocols they follow, that general people don’t have to time or the patience to deal with. So how can we make helping not just easier for people, but worth it for people?

Maybe, the simplest thing to stop the bystander effect though, is just to do something by helping someone out. Otherwise, maybe you should just “go beat yourself“.

UPDATE March 10, 2012
The other extreme: A Chinese girl is sexually assaulted by a British guy in China, and a bunch of guys come back to kick this guy’s ass. That’s an understatement. More like, “beat him to death”. I’m glad they saved the girl, at least. Although… Rule of Law anyone?

UPDATE: July 12, 2012

Guy drowns to death while saving family. Family in turn, just runs away. Wow. Apparently, many decades ago, there was a girl and a boy that should have been aborted by authorities, but weren’t.


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