Chinese (Hong Kong) Ad on Environmental Awareness
There’s a new controversial ad campaign out there, trying to push for more awareness about environmental issues. Here’s one of the pictures:

Kinda’ dark. Well, apparently, this is the job of a Hong Kong ad company, and although the audience is meant for mainland Chinese, I still think it’s more effective in a Hong Kong context. As with this blog post:

Good job, Hong Kong! You’ve built so many high-rise buildings, that wind can’t properly circulate through the city. Now, it’ll be hotter on average, by 2 degrees Celcius in the summer. No wonder it was so cold in Winter of 2008.

Good job indeed! Kinda’ dark though. Fits the theme of another post however…


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1 comment for “Chinese (Hong Kong) Ad on Environmental Awareness

  1. 阿江
    April 8, 2012 at 9:55 am

    In breaking with the “dark” theme which is this post, if the people who hired that firm were to keep a close eye on the ChinaLawBlog:

    They would have found a very nice TEDxChCh Talk by Peggy Liu on China and clean tech:

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