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Interesting analysis about how Bo’s downfall, is part of the larger story of different factions within the country vying for power. However, what about the nitty-gritty details?

Neil Heywood passed away, and supposedly, his death has to do something with his connections with Bo, XiLai.

The British businessman whose sudden death has been linked to China’s current leadership struggles worked as a consultant for a business intelligence firm founded by ex-MI6 officers, it has emerged.

Chongqing authorities reportedly blamed Heywood’s death on excessive alcohol consumption and cremated his body without a postmortem, but people who knew him said he did not seem to be a heavy drinker.

According to the Wall Street Journal, suspicions about Heywood’s death – including a claim that he could have been poisoned – were raised by Wang Lijun, formerly the Chongqing police chief and a close ally of Bo, when he fled to the US consulate in Chengdu in February. After leaving the consulate he was met by central government officials from Beijing and is now under investigation.

The US has declined to comment on whether he sought asylum, saying he left of his own volition.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Wang claimed relations had soured with Bo after he raised concerns about Heywood’s death. He is also said to have claimed that Heywood had been in a business dispute involving Bo’s wife, Gu Kailai.

According to this clip:

Heywood was married to a affluent lady from Harbin, and from there, got acquainted with Bo, Xi-Lai‘s wife, when he was mayor of DaLian. From there, they introduced their son, Bo, Gua-Gua to Harrow, which Heywood is an alumni. Details follow:

Acquaintances say Heywood had mentioned playing a role in assisting the younger Bo after the boy began schooling in Britain at age 12. (Bo Guagua went to two private boarding schools, Papplewick and Harrow, before going on to study at Balliol College, Oxford.) “Neil referred to connections with the Bo family, but only very casually,” said a source who knew Heywood when the Englishman lived in the northern Chinese port city of Dalian, where Bo Xilai was mayor from 1993 to 2001. “It was through others that I heard of his involvement in [younger] Bo’s schooling.” (One Harrow alum in China said Heywood probably wasn’t crucial to Guagua’s entering Harrow, however, “since the exam for foreign students isn’t very tough.”)

Now, most of the western media is reporting Heywood as a former MI-6 agent. In the video above, they claim that he was sent by MI-6 to China for the purpose of gathering more intelligence, and was using his connection with Bo to get inforamtion. Regardless of whether the comany Haklyut he worked for is a front company for MI-6 or if they merely had a contract, this is still bad joo-joo for Bo. So what do you do when you’re possibly faced with collaborating with a foreigner with a background in another country’s intelligence organization? Poison him. Of course, Bo’s secondhand man, Wang, LiJun starts to get scared, and confronts Bo directly. “Protect me, or I’ll blow all your secrets.” So Bo keeps demoting him gradually, and it gets to the point where Wang is so scared, he makes a dash for the American Embassy.

Although, I prefer how it’s told by these guys:

Nice. Like The Departed…but in China. Can’t miss.

Oscar Gold indeed!

UPDATE May 1, 2012
Nice explanation of the different views of what ChongQing residentns feel about Bo, Xi-Lai’s takedown:
I wonder how he’s celebrating Labor/May Day?


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