What to Riot Against

After reading this lengthy post:
In which the author covers over lots of topics related to Hong Kong’s real estate tycoons, I have to ask myself:
Is it easier to riot when you know your local government is clearly colluding with big business? (Refer to links within: http://bash.congkeringpath.com/?p=544)

Or is it easier to do so in a country where you have the freedom to do so, but businesses’ special interests are heavily tied into the government policies that affect them, like in Hong Kong’s case? Then, that furthers the question: How effective is the Occupy movement, in combating the same exact issue within the US? After all, businesses in both places have been entrenched for over a hundred years, while, the Occupy movement has just begun.

In the US, most peoples’ views of the Occupy movement, are either a bunch of hippies, or silly college students, without a real goal or mission.

Notice how the English coverage of this visually shows it as a more disorganized group. The Cantonese coverage shows the same thing in a different light:


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