Crap Out From the Mouth

A lady keeps feeding her kid on the subway (which is forbidden), and the kid makes a mess of the place. Then, when told to stop, she starts yelling at everybody.

Apparently, because of this, 孔慶東 has go around barking like a dog, projecting himself onto others.
Warning!!! Watching the following video, is like watching horrible scheiße, but from the mouth. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

He says the only reason why Hong Kong is cleaner than most places in China, is because of the strict laws that are in place (as they are in Singapore), and not the people. If it weren’t for the laws, then they wouldn’t have much self-restraint as mainland Chinese do. He must drink tons of Sanlu milk, because the guys that put in pathogenic substances sure didn’t need laws to guide them!


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