Chinese Hacks

“Chinese Hacking” of iBahn Internet Services

Those of you who occasionally indulge in security matters should be well aware of where I pulled this from.

Citing unexplained “intelligence data,” an unnamed “senior intelligence official,” and an anonymous “privacy security official,” Bloomberg News claims that iBahn — the company that runs Internet services for a bunch of hotel chains — has been hacked by the Chinese. The rest of the story is pretty obvious: all sorts of private e-mails stolen, corporate networks hacked via iBahn, China does lot of hacking, and so on. iBahn has denied the story.

Come on, people. I know that China hacking stories are plausible, but the bar for actual evidence should be higher than this.

Stories like the one about iBahn, are just a part of the continuing China-fear-mongering that goes on every-so-often. There are many things America likes to attach China’s name to: One of them being cyber security issues. Rather than finding a scapegoat, as an excuse to pump money into programs that are meant to “protect us”, using terrorism and “foreign actors” as an excuse to take away our civil rights, through questionable laws like the Patriot Act, maybe we should look at how plausible some of these “foreign attacks” are, compared to inside threats to our own infrastructure, like our social security system:

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