Batman Failed

With Hollywood star, Christian Bale‘s visit [accompanied by CNN crew] to the town where Chinese civil rights activist, 陳光誠 (Chen, Guang-cheng) is being held under house arrest.

Now there are many debates on the China Geeks website, as to the sincerity of Christian Bale’s visit, but the major debate is whether or not CNN’s methods actully helped his cause, or not. I dare say, it did not. A person can only have as much power that you can give him. The people who aren’t allowing Chen any visitors is working for somebody up high. So why are they working for him in the first place? Ideology? Money? Special treatment in the form of access to services, gifts, or something else? These pussyfoot visits to Chen‘s house doesn’t help, and in fact, may just add more pressure on them by the same guys that are preventing them from having visitors. As one of the comments on the page went:

Adam Minter on December 16, 2011 at 17:19
The problem is that every time that CNN Beijing does something that violates the normal standards of journalism, it negatively impacts, and tarnishes, every other reporter working here. They are one of the two or three highest-profile gigs in the country, and what they do is taken – for better or worse – as representative of the working methods of other foreign journalists. In this case, it’ll be proof – once again, courtesy of CNN – that foreign journalists engage in agenda-driven reporting. That isn’t helpful at all. In fact, it’s damages the ability of foreign correspondents to work with Chinese sources, among others. One more brick in the wall, if you will.

The real issue is, why are these guys helping the guy who put Chen under house arrest? How can you nullify his affects over these people? If you can’t, what are the alternatives? There are special interests involved, so the real question should be who’s special interests? This is who we should be targetting, and I’m sure this was what Chen was trying to get at. If he is being held under house arrest, and there are so many people willing to risk getting beaten just to visit him, why can’t they follow what he was trying to get at, and continue what he was doing? This would garner more interest all over China, you can tie it to the Wukan protests.


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