All Equal Under the Heavens

To Americans, losing their jobs to Chinese, and then constantly hearing about China’s economy coming on the rise, while trying to deal with inflation and income inequality is very frustrating (to say the least). However, to the migrant worker who can’t make a living wage in his rural hometown, coming to the city for a sweaty, noisy, smelly, factory job for about 12+ hours, being paid a few dollars a day, while dealing with income inequality, and the rising prices of commodity goods, isn’t all that much better.
Poor people cross all boundaries.

In America, many people are complain about crappy Chinese products. In China, a blogger is thrashing defective products made from Siemens.
Poor quality isn’t the monopoly of any one nation.

So what am I trying to get at? You might want to think twice before you bash China for taking your job, don’t think it’s any much better for that guy either. Also, when you bash products made in China for being crappy, just try to remember that it could always be worse.


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