Selling Taiwan Out Vs Selling to Taiwan

Does anyone remember my previous article entitled “Should the U.S. Keep Selling Arms to Taiwan?”

Well, just like the title to that article, this question is rhetorical as well, since there were only 2 views of the article

And only 1 of them was a unique view. At least it was so good, that same person kept coming back for more! Thank you.

In that article, I mentioned that the US’ continued arms sales to TaiWan wouldn’t really damage Sino-American relations, while the US can still get some money out of the ordeal. Then today, I read “Selling Out Taiwan. What A Bargain.”, which pretty much criticized an Op-Ed featured in the New York Times, arguing in favor of the US to give up US-Taiwan relations, in exchange for China forgiving US debts. Something tells me the world doesn’t work that way, and when you read all of “Selling Out Taiwan”, you’ll agree. But back to the Op-Ed‘s point of needing to throw Taiwan under the bus for this “loan forgiveness” from China. He also mentions this passage:

Today, America has little strategic interest in Taiwan, which is gradually integrating with China economically by investing in and forming joint ventures with mainland Chinese firms. The island’s absorption into mainland China is inevitable.

So if Taiwan is already economically increasing ties, and going down the path of economic integration with China, why would China pay the US any money for Taiwan, when it’s already coming to them? Then of course, it’s not as if Taiwan is exactly an American protectorate like Puerto Rico, so aside from promising to cut off ties with Taiwan, how is the US going to “give” Taiwan to someone else? WAIT! I just came to an epiphany! This man is actually doing a one-up on me. My proposal to sell Taiwan as many arms and services at marked up prices is so outdated! We’re going to now convince China that TaiWan is really under American control, and then “sell” it to them at a marked up price! Wow, if the Americans pull a trick over the Chinese like this one, it’ll make Bernie Madoff look like an amature! So how do we convince the Chinese of this? Hm….
I think I’ll let Hollywood come up with that idea instead. Maybe they can call it “The Producers: International Heist”?

No. I’m a man of pragmatism. In this case: cheating Taiwan of every penny it has economic pragmatism. While increasing trade between China and the US, we can increase arms sales/military services to Taiwan. Let me expound on why it’s “arms sales/military services”. China gets angry about us selling arms to Taiwan. So instead, we can sell Taiwan a subscription model of services, to where we continually upgrade aging equipment for an exorbetant amount. We can switch back and forth, or come up with some combination to do both at the same time! Won’t this hurt Sino-American relations? As I had mentioned in my last post, no. Maybe some military ties will be cut, but economic ties are pretty much impossible to cut. So let them dollah-dollah-billz come in!

In fact, I will go even further and argue that this will encourage economic trade between China, America, and Taiwan. First, Taiwanese will feel much more safer in dealing with China, so they’ll want to invest more (increased cross-strait economic ties). An economically well-off Taiwan means a Taiwan with more buying power, and will be more willing to buy more goods/services from America. America, can then use what it gains from Taiwan to pay off its debts to China. How will that effect direct Sino-American trade? Well, probably not by much, but at least the Taiwan issue won’t be a hindrance any longer! Besides, the indirect trtade with Taiwan as the intermediary works just fine!

Besides, why should the US stop what it’s best for?


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