China and $#|+storms

Some people are already predicting another economic downturn for China, just like in 2008. This time though, it’s because of massive business debts. Most of this stems from the Wenzhou area where people are now running away from the police for not paying their bills and employees in some cases. This is sadly funny to me, because a personal friend told me that Wenzhou is now a great place to do business, because all the business people there are the most trustworthy. Granted, he said this back in February before this happened, and he has left Wenzhou over 20 years.

Economic shitstorms aside, China’s looking to put some bases in Pakistan. I like to take the quote:

But I really don’t think China has any idea whatsoever what kind of shitstorm it’s getting itself into.

Terrorists, corrupt and/or inept government who can’t control its intelligence community… Good luck, China!


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