2-Year-Old Gets Runover


Click here for the gruesome footage

One question no one has bothered to ask was “Where the hell was the parent in all of this?” Maybe that’s because when you look at the video, there are too many things that disgust everyone about everyone else’s actions and inactions. First of all, if you saw the video, notice how the vehicle slows down and stops, then speeds up to run the girl over, crushing her with the first wheel, and then crushing her again with the other wheel. This is obviously murder. The driver had called in later, saying that if the girl died, he would compensate the family with tens of thousands of RMB, but if she was “merely injured”, then he would have to compensate the family with hundreds-of-thousand RMBs.

Not only that, but there are 18 people that walked around her, and didn’t even do anything, despite seeing her lie on the ground, in a pool of her own blood. For 6 minutes, she struggled, until the sanitation lady came by, asked for help from the apathetic public, and had to temporarily put her off to the side (to prevent any other cars from reaching her)

There is an issue with the way insurance payments are made in the country. In most countries, if a murder is committed (even if it is done accidentally), yet the assailant runs away, that’s an extra law that was just broken, and assuming this person would be caught, adds another sentence. So why is it this person decided to do what they did, and then turned himself in? Obviously, he knew he couldn’t get away with it, but how could he have come up with a ridiculous thing such as paying more for an injured girl, but less for a dead one [without having to face jailtime nonetheless]?

This is a problem with the law. The way insurance compensation works in China is fucked up. It’s not just the “Bystander effect“(a.k.a “The Genovese Syndrome“) at play here. Many have already pointed to the 2006 case of Peng Yu, who helped out an old lady, and then was sued by her, and the judge actually ruled in her favor. Then, there was that other case where another old person tried the same thing, but failed, because everything was caught on footage.

Police and military in the neighboring province can go ahead and beat the crap out of each other, because drunk military guys took a piss on out in the open on the streets, and got caught by police:
People can fight over crap like this, but barely anyone is willing to do anything to help a little girl.

There really is no hope for China.

UPDATE: October 23, 2011
Clean-up lady who helped run-over little girl is awarded $25,000. I like the one comment on the website:

Are they trying to turn the story into a tale of heroism?
Yeah, when compared to all the other inhuman bastards that day this woman did something quite good, but how about running a story to inform us of what the government is going to do to stop this nation from crumbling deeper down into an abyss?
Will this horrible tragedy change anything at all? Will any of those leeching journalists report on something we want to hear coming from this story?
Oh OK, yeah, a new hero has been found and rewarded, yeah, um, leave her alone because she is a humble woman, she did what all the others could not do, she is amazing, look everyone, that cloud has a silver lining shaped like an old woman who scavenges through garbage!
Tell us what is going to happen to stop the next Yueyue from dying in the gutter while people walk past?
Or will it be nothing because this lady is China’s new hero and the story can be laid to rest now?


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