Dating “From the Old Country or Otherwise”
I’m not going to lie, reading this post annoyed me somewhat –first of all, the use of the word FOB gets thrown out there a lot. The author did a good job noting how people with their predispositions can skew their perception of other people.

For example, Chinese people (like my aunt) love Korean dramas and have all these predispositions about how Korean girls are, but if you ask them if they’ve ever met or know a Korean person, the answer is usually no.

But then uses the following, as a green-light to justify his predispositions:

I guess this is just a human characteristic, and probably happens everywhere. We tend to pass judgments based on something we think we know. Regardless, back to my point that growing up in the US and being familiar with western “dating rituals” allowed me to fully explore the breath of diversity that is women (or at least Asian women).

A few observations:

  1. Americanized Chinese girls generally handle their alcohol better, especially with cocktails being a recent introduction to mainland China. Most of the FOB girls I see handle alcohol (tequila, vodka, whiskey or baijiu) very poorly (unless these are Purple Crystal KTV girls).
  2. Cocktails may be a recent introduction to China, but it’s not as if they’ve never had their own alcohol before. They invented baijiu, and whiskey was introduced several hundred years ago. It’s just a matter of whether or not they choose to drink it.

  3. Americanized Chinese girls generally dance better than FOBs, unless these FOB girls took special attention to Korean music videos.
  4. OK, maybe not in the clubs, but they still dance:

  5. Most Americanized Chinese girls are more demanding of men being men, having balls to make the first move, etc. and more open to a conversation with a stranger. I think this level of interaction in China is still met with caution. I think a lot of fob girls don’t mind that their guys are more feminine, although this one is debatable. Your typical male pop-star icons in China don’t necessarily personify masculinity.
  6. Most immigrant/”FOB” fathers beat their children up full of testosterone and “masculinity”. I don’t think the men in Asia are any less masculine.

  7. I know I’m going to get flamed for this one, but I feel like a lot of FOB girls are looking for a BF all the time. I’ve seen examples where if you hook up (ONS, make-out, etc) with a FOB girl, her automatic response is that you have to be her new BF. Not saying this is a good thing or a bad thing, but a mere observation. Maybe it’s the green card effect. In contrast, I feel Americanized girls are more open to flings and dating, even if it’s with more than one guy at a time.
  8. This isn’t due to an old-world vs. new world issue, it’s an urban vs. rural issue. Let’s not forget that China’s urban population is growing. With that, these people are still brought up by conservative values that wouldn’t be any different from what you find amongst conservative folks in the U.S. The following movie, does cover the topic you talk about though:

  9. FOB girls don’t tend to shave or groom, down there. We need to change this.
  10. I won’t link to anything like that here, but it’s the internet, and there is much evidence that points otherwise.

  11. Americanized girls are more flirtatious and have more sass (and maybe ass, which is what I’m sure you saw when you first glanced over).
  12. Lack of flirtatious invites may be due to many reasons we won’t go into details here. However, if it’s ass you’re looking for, it’s probably a diet issue. That will change quickly with American fast food chains taking over China.

I personally follow the Korean proverb, 「남남북녀」, and would rather go for North Korean girls.

Dating in North Korea? Interesting…


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