Taking Back American Jobs!

In one of my previous posts regarding “Social Security in China”, I mentioned that people should “go to China and take back American jobs.” Well…

Now, they don’t need to go to China. Georgia’s taking China’s money in a smart way. Moberly, Missouri, on the other hand, went about it the wrong way.

A company that promised 600 jobs and drew Gov. Jay Nixon to Moberly to announce $17.6 million in state aid is in financial trouble and could potentially stick the city with payments on a $39 million bond deal.

I don’t know what the overall population of this place, but all that money for a supposed 600 jobs? Doesn’t sound like a viable option. Either that, or these guys are going to get paid ALOT! Obviously, that didn’t pan out correctly, because everyone was busy thinking, “Chinese are rich! We gotta’ get some of that action!” Which is about as naive as when people were thinking that “China [and Asia for that matter] would bail out America.”


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