More Clammering Over Marriage Law

“Feudal society is back again. How many hundreds of years will it take before women are free again?” ran a typically angry post by a person called Jingmochengzhu on Sina Weibo, China’s biggest microblog, one of 1.4 million on the topic.

“Feudal society is back again”? Really? Then if that was the case, that lady would have no say in the matter, and would be back home baking some baozi. There’s nothing in the new law interpretation of the law that says women can’t buy their own homes or put in their own downpayment for a house of their own. So why are women letting men take advantage of them?

The government says that in an era of soaring property prices — up about 500 percent since 2000, according to the National Bureau of Statistics — the law must protect a family’s investment. Parents and other relatives often contribute money to buy an apartment for their son, in order to help him attract a wife.

Oh… Hold fast on my last statement! 500% rise in prices from 11 years ago? Sounds like a housing bubble! Good thing it’s all in his name, then he gets to deal with all the creditors! Whew! Dodge that bullet, ladies!

The author of the above article draws heavily from another author, Leta Hong Fincher:
In it, she says:

Urban women are better educated and wealthier than rural women. But I believe the massive financial value of China’s urban real estate market, combined with deeply entrenched patriarchal traditions and beliefs that men must be the household head and official home owner, point to a deepening of the gender gap in wealth as more and more Chinese buy urban homes.

So just who exactly brought back feudalism?

Is this law going to change the dynamics of marriage? Yes. The last time this happened, was when people divorced each other, to stay far, far, away from that spouse that was deemed a counter-revolutionary back in the 1960s. However, People were already getting divorced to get around some housing restrictions as well. How will this law affect women? No doubt very deeply at first, but take heed to the words in the article:

Don’t expect a man to provide for you.

I personally think all you married couples should just “take a chill pill”, maybe when you guys can calm down, and talk things out, then you wouldn’t have to worry about divorces, separation of property, or being evicted. In fact, you should all take a chill pill from Harbin Pharmaceuticals Factory No. 6!


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