Is there Hope for China?

The plans for a monstrous 南水北調 (South-North Water Diversion) Project, Food contamination issues, trash that ends up in China, risking the environment and health of the people that go through it, all lead me to ask the question which is the topic for today’s post: “Is There Hope for China?”

Everyone gives China relentless criticism over copyright issues. However, in America’s early development after its independence from Britain, there was a lot of plagiarism in America’s early years as well. Before America became the giant hero of copyrights, patents, and trademarks, it wasn’t much different from currently developing China. 2011 is a year filled with patents law suits, and frankly all this stuff feels like it’s actually a bunch of people using copyright infringement as an excuse to prevent anyone from making any real innovations (A la “patent trolls“). So when I hear stories like China Law Blog’s “China Patenting’s Great Leap Forward” describing the large increase in patent registration, it really makes me cringe.

These patent trolls are really no different than old ladies sueing people with frivolous lawsuits. Forget sticking your head out for people! They’ll just turn around and sue you!

Then, I go on, and hear stories about how some guy investigating corruption issues decides to commit suicide, by stabbing himself –11 times. Hearing all this, makes me think there’s no hope for the world, and that maybe I should just commit suicide.
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