WWII Again?


Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng accused Tokyo of consciously overstating the “China threat” to promote its own goals. The two Asian powers have an extended and continuing dispute over territorial claims in the East China Sea.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu admonished Japan to adhere to its decades-old policy against the offensive use of military force. Japanese forces brutally occupied China prior to and during World War II.

“We hope that Japan will use history as a guide, and earnestly reflect on its defense policies, and do more to enhance mutual trust with its neighbours,’ Ma wrote in a ministry web post.

Japan had annexed Taiwan in 1895, and after WWI, having fought on the side of the allies alongside with China, had received control of the German-controlled Shandong Peninsula, and yet, in the 1930s, attacked Manchuria, under the pretense of a Chinese attack which threatened Japan’s territoris (as Korea was already occupied by Japan). Regardless of China’s Naval activities, I don’t think it does Japan any good to criticize other countries in being militarily active. They might want to consider the backlash that comes with making statements (even if they are true).


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