China Picks up South Korea’s Slack

Ever since Lee, Myung-Bak was voted into office, the previous two South Korean administrations Sunshine Policy has been completely reversed. The South Koreans knew this man’s North Korean platform and voted him into office anyway. So much for wanting a peaceful reunification. This seems to be the attitudes of more and more younger Koreans, questioning the need for reunification.

As a result, China has been picking up South Korea’s slack, by increasing its contacts with North Korea, in an effort to build up their economy. They’ve leased a port in 라진/선봉(“라선”), and have promised to modernize it. Close to that area, they’ve set up a new Special Economic Zone to be jointly developed on an island between the North Korean-Chinese Border (황금평). I’m not going to get into the long list of economic developments between the two countries, but this is the latest in which China is also trying its best to improve North-South relations:
Re-uniting aging families separated by the Korean War, in China.


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