Taiwan, 2016 Looking Forward


With yesterday’s election of 蔡英文 (Tsai, Ing-Wen) as the next President to be sworn in March, of the 中華民國 (Republic of China). The ChiComms are not happy.

FOR THOSE NOT IN THE KNOW, A LITTLE HISTORY (skip if you know this):
During the 國共內戰 (Chinese Civil War), they were kicking the 國民黨 (KMT)’s ass so hard, they had to fall back to Taiwan. And they probably would have gotten control as well, if the 韓國戰爭(한국전쟁/Korean War) hadn’t happened, because when the Chinese communists had sent troops into Korea, and alarmed the US that communism would spread across the rest of Asia, the US had sent in the 7th Fleet across the 台灣海峽 (TaiWan Strait), preventing any further communist Chinese attacks.

Flash forward, the bad blood between the Chinese communists, and the Taiwanese continue. We’ve seen with President 習近平(Xi, Jin-Ping), that he prefers strong-armed tactics. From battling corruption, to increasing tensions with territorial disputes with Vietnam, and all Pacific nations in the South China Seas, while also continually to try to pick a fight with Japan over the pinnacles, setting up an Air Defense Zone that overlaps with other nations territories and airspace… You get the idea, and that’s just territorial disputes.

When it actually comes to treating people, the way it’s dealt with Hong Kong, continually misconstruing their messages, and continually not listening, the Taiwanese see this. They see what the CCP is doing to Hong Kong, and they know: Taiwan is next. After 1997, before the recent president, the pro-China faction would always tout 一國兩制 (One Country, Two Systems —“1C2S”) as a model that Taiwan might be able to follow, to take advantage of improving its economy with China, while also being able to maintain its autonomy. However, bringing Taiwan’s economy closer to mainland China’s is what 馬英九(Ma, Ying-Jeou) did, and it hasn’t helped at all, which caused people to question this approach. Then, looking closer at Hong Kong’s situation, and seeing how Hong Kong’s autonomy has come under siege by Beijing, no politician has mentioned 1C2S in this election, because that would be political suicide.

Seeing as Taiwan’s economic woes haven’t been solved by China’s help, and in fact, in some cases even exacerbated it, Taiwan is seeking other ways to get out of its situation. One of the things that’s being thrown around, is to increase its international standing, by having it return to the United Nations. However, it also has to fix its bi-lateral relations with a lot of different countries, especially countries who have under economic pressure, gone to the embrace of mainland China. This will be the hard part. However, not only is the current president 馬英九 going to be gone in a couple months, but also his entire party was nearly voted out. This is the first time in almost 30 years, that there is no strong opposition party, and it’ll be interesting to see what 蔡英文’s party, the 民主進步黨 (Democratic Progressive Party) will do, not just for Taiwan, but with their relations with China, and the rest of the world during her term.

*In the past, the DPP had accepted funds from the Communists, when they had a common enemy: The KMT*


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