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Happy 重陽! Actually, this is somewhat of a solemn holiday, where we normally go to our ancestors’ graves, clean it up, and offer some chrysanthemum flowers, because according to the traditional Chinese calendar, the 9nth month of the year’s 9th day, is when they’re in full bloom. This is a day for family to get together.

Couple of weeks ago, I read this piece:
My privileged life and China’s one-child policy
About a girl who was given up for adoption by her Chinese parents, then taken in by Americans. Years later, she reconnected with her family in China, where she got to know her brother, and is giving him a chance to come to the states to study. It’s a nice story of a negative turned to a positive. So here’s where I come in and rain in on everybody’s good-vibes. While I’m happy she could come to the US and live a better life, it’s a sign that women in China are living under a sexist society, and poor abject poverty. Poverty caused by a party-dominated state, that says “Democracy is bad, and isn’t for China”, they also said capitalism was bad too, until they called it “socialism with Chinese characteristics”. That, and also, the adoption scheme is a money-making business for China. Most people only think of how people have turned adoption into a business, but have forgotten, this is also the Communist government’s way of making money, by charging all sorts of administrative fees for the process.

This explains why in a previously-linked documentary: 社會能見度:打拐這些年, another business has formed, where people WITHIN China hire professionals to steal a child, rather than adopting. Aside from the social stigma of adoption equalling “given up”, implying these kids are “goods no one wants”, it’s also a matter of red tape. As the government wants some money for these adoption transactions, this makes stealing someone else’s child much easier.

For some people however, the idea of putting a child up for foreign adoption has been waning, due to some nationalistic fervor. Yeah, it’s quite sad, when you hear many Asian adoptees struggling not just struggling with an identity crisis of who their real parents are, but also their own ethnicity is sad. However, barring these kids from a better opportunity is also pretty messed up. Thanks, nationalism!

To solve the foreign adoption issue nationalists hate, and the kidnapping issue China domestically faces, you’d have to pry the government’s hands from making adoption such a hard issue. However, the ultimate issue of poverty and economic inequality is a harder nut to crack, especially as their economy slows


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