One Year After: Long Road Ahead.

One year ago, Hong Kong people took to the streets. But everyone all over the world was watching. What’s happened since? Sadly, not much good. The government continues to be blind to what the people want, Beijing’s officials continue to say things that undermine Hong Kong’s way of life, like saying Hong Kong needs to “de-colonize” (i.e. take away British vestiges over the island, which means “rule of law”, and a relatively working government), to making bogus claims that the executive branch of Hong Kong’s government is above the judicial branch. This sort of government with “Chinese characteristics” flies in the face of checks and balances. I suppose however, this official was looking at this picture…
..And thought, “da pikchur sez executive is on top.” Yeah… Nevermind that Checks and balances actually means each branch of government has a bit of authority over the other two branches actually look more like this…
Holy shit! The ChiComms can’t have that! It looks too much like the |= |_ G wheel! “Must de-colonize!”

Hong Kong will have another hard year up ahead. 2047 might come a lot sooner than expected…


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