Slow on TianJin, Abe, and the markets.

Back in July, China’s stock market lost 35% value. That’s huge. It even sent ripple worldwide, and continues to be an issue as of the writing of this blog post. Make sure you get your Put positions ready. But then again, what if they go back up again? Don’t listen to my stock advice!

Then, all of Asia is still talking about 安倍 晋三あべ しんぞう(Shinzo Abe)’s speech, on the 70th anniversary of their defeat. The rest of Asia expected an apology, but the apology was like “Yeah, we’re sorry we lost the war! Mother fuckers!” When what they are really looking for is “We’re sorry we went to war, and committed all those atrocities.” However, that’s a pipe dream. As mentioned before, the Japanese as a whole don’t know what they did in WWII, they just know they suffered atomic destruction, after seeing their men being forcibly conscripted into the Imperial Japanese Army. Now with a right-wing conservative at the helm, wishing that the Japanese change their views of themselves as aggressors instead of sufferers is a much harder task, and expecting an “genuine” apology is not constructive to relations in the region.

But is Japan the only guilty party of not admitting to their own faults? No, which is what brings us to 天津 (tianjin), China. Specifically, the port that caught on fire. Chublic Opinion has a good roundup of the issues surrounding the incident. He addresses the critics on the firefighters initial response of fighting the fire with water, which ended up spreading flammable chemicals throughout, making the fires worse. The firefighters said they weren’t alerted to the presence of such chemicals ahead of time. Then, there’s also the composition of the firefighters themselves. Because the area is a special area under the direct authority of the 國交通運輸部 (Ministry of Transportation), and the firefighters they sent in, which suffered heavy casualties, weren’t initially counted in the death toll along with the municipal firefighters. With a cluster-fuck like this, Who’s in charge?. Not to worry, 李克強 (Li, Ke-qiang) is on the scene! He’s just a couple days late, and had to call his 北戴河(BeiDaiHe) resort summit short. Must have been some serious stuff to hold him back for that long. But don’t blame the authorities for their late response, blame those netizens who just hate China, and are spreading truths lies and rumors about the blasts. They will be dealt with the slow death of bureacracy, legal battles, and jail time quickly! Oh, but they’re not alone, safety regulators are being investigated too! Corporations were operating and handling hazardous chemicals without the proper licenses. Apparently, the bribes they gave officials are only good until something big happens and heads have to roll…


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