Responding to Aris Teon’s “Why Hong Kong Should Accept Bejing’s Universal Suffrage”

Today, Hong Kong voted down the BeiJing-backed “vote” deal they tried to shove to Hong Kong people, saying that all candidates must be approved by BeiJing.

The entire argument for Hong Kong to accept Beijing’s fake democracy package can be summed up as, “This is your only chance at voting”. That’s a very nice way of putting it. Let me see if I can put it in an English style the Communist government would say: “You have no choice, except for the one we give you!!!” Thus, “The CCP giveth, and the CCP taketh”.

Yeah, granted the CCP has changed over the years, and it’s gone from running an economy based of political ideology and ruining the lives of everyday people, to (as Aris points out) schmoozing with rich businessmen, and via their influence over government, squeeze the people out of their livelihoods, yippy!

However, his claims that…

…the Party neither needs nor wishes to rule the city directly

simply aren’t true. Because if that was the case, Beijing wouldn’t have released its statement on August 31st last year…

So… According to Aris, they don’t want to rule, except at every little turn, when Hong Kong tries to govern itself, they come in and make statements and put in terms of what person can be a candidate to lead Hong Kong. So they don’t want to govern, but then they want to govern who governs Hong Kong… So they want to govern! Just come out and say it, BeiJing! Might as will just roll in the tanks if the Hong Kong people resist!

BeiJing and the Pan-Dems’ suggestion to 袋住先 (Take it in first), and hope that somehow it can be changed and reform later, is a hoax. It’s really 袋一世 (Keep it for life). This isn’t the only choice Hong Kong has. It can do better, and will do better.



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