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The 六四事件 (”TianAnMen Incident”) continues to fade in peoples’ memories. However, when you look at the gruesome images, it speaks enough:

Yes, this is the Mandarin translation of the documentary. You can find the English narration somewhere on the internet. Regardless, the fact that people who talk about this dwindles further with every passing year. Yet, China’s actions continue to stay the same.

China of 1989, said that Hong Kong would enjoy 五十年不變 (“50 years without change”). What exactly does that mean? It meant that China would handle all international affairs on a government level, while Hong Kong would continue to do its own thing. Hong Kong people call this “港人治港” (“Hong Kong people rule over Hong Kong”), or as then-President 江澤民 said:

Yet they went back on their word, which is why the Umbrella Movement kicked off. With Hong Kong return to the mainland, they talked with the British, and the Hong Kong people had no say. To placate their fears, they told them lies. They continue to use this same approach towards Taiwan to this day.

This ultimately goes back to the way they treat their own people. They say they guarantee them rights, but what do they do? Shootem’ down, when they exercise their rights. Today, the new generation don’t know anything about it:

Yet for some reason, they like to clamor on about how Japan has completely forgotten its war-time atrocities, yet when it comes to its own atrocities, it’s not even willing to fess up.

It was wrong for Japan to have done what they did, and even more egregious for them to deny it, or simply wipe it off today. The same however, goes for China on TianAnMen.

「上世紀80年代末發生的政治風波」, 中國的黨及政府早已有明確結論?咁!乜春嘢結論呢?聽唔到,大聲D!

Posted by Pang Chi Ming on 2015年6月3日

However, China will continue to deny, lie, strong-arm, and go back on its words, to gets its way and stay in power.


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