BeiJing: More Smog, Less Smokes

Beijing has banned smoking in public areas.

Will prohibition of cigarettes in BeiJing lead to smuggling of cigarettes, and create a new black market? That’s what Libertarians would love you to believe, but it won’t ever get to that point. Even the leadership smokes!
Even with all the nationalistic talk, about how “evil, ‘racist’ foreigners tried to poison the Chinese people with Opium.” Please, mother-fuckers, stop with the victim mentality! You hate European nations for poisoning your own people so much over 120 years ago, yet I don’t see ANYONE quitting smoking out of nationalism.

Now, they’re trying to be “healthy” with this decision? Please. That’s about as effective of a system, as trying to make an atheist country, but then you “recognize” religions, and the ones that don’t conform are cults. Oh, and thanks to your hypocratic stance on atheism with a hardline stance on religion, now China’s set to becoming a Christians. Yeah, the religion of those “evil, ‘racist’, foreigners” you blame for poisoning you.

Just keep shooting yourselves in the foot on this one, China. You want to make people healthier? Why don’t you clean up your polluting factories and enforce environmental laws?

Oh, why am I bothering trying to show that video? It’s banned. Why don’t you do something about redesigning your cities to be more bike-friendly, which cuts down on the pollution from your cars? Yeah, you know what that’s like, right? Riding bikes in Chinese cities, like it was 20 years ago!!! For all this talk about doing things “the Chinese way”, it turns out you’ve been following their tail in polluting your own nation. Now, other nations have long been talking about reducing their pollution, yet you still persist in continuing.

Now, you want to cut down people from smoking. It won’t help the environment, your policy won’t work, and will only make people smoke more in defiance. You’re not addressing the underlying issue of why people smoke, even when they know it kills them!

Hey, guess what though? Here’s a starter: You can make people realize how valuable clean air is, by actually cleaning up your air and reducing pollutants, and maybe people might be reminded of how wonderful good air is compared to bad smoke and smog?


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