A Commentary on Simplified Characters

For those who have followed the “Eugenia ***” incident, let me tell you, she lost the vote for student council. For those who don’t care about this, you may want to go watch re-runs of the Spring Gala or if you’re into the stuff from Hong Kong, here’s a list of other things you can watch:

But back to the main topic… For those who don’t know, “Yip, Lu-shan” as she called herself in Hong Kong, was a student of Hong Kong University. Nothing out of the ordinary, and despite recent Mainland-Hong Kong tensions, her identity as a mainland Chinese person wasn’t THAT big of a deal. What was a big deal, was that she was part of the Communist Youth League.

What I want to nitpick on is the contraversy over her name. Ms. “Ye, Lu-Shan” as her name in Mandarin is romanized with PinYin, decided to hide her mainland-ness, and took it upon herself to take her last name, and change it to the Cantonese Romanization, “Yip“, and even decided to use an English name “Eugenia”. Here’s where I have a problem:
Her name is written as 叶璐珊. 叶 to the communists is to actual Chinese. However, to actual Chinese, is a variant of , which in “Hip” in Cantonese, and “Xie” in Mandarin, which also rhymes with (evil). Thus, let me conclude with a final word, the attempt at removing people from their own history, and changing words in ways they weren’t supposed to, is:


13=阝12=口 J=丁 (阿)
L=氵 Z=工 (江)
–1312JLZ (阿江)
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