China Misunderstands Hong Kong

China’s misunderstanding of #OccupyHK and the #UmbrellaRevolution, is sending the wrong message to others as well:


Here’s the translation of JohnRoss431:

JohnRoss431:It’s inconvenient for me to comment on Hong Kong’s 2017 Chief Executive general election issue, because I’m not Chinese after all. However, Western media reports on the Hong Kong issue have been too hypocritical. In the United Kingdom’s 150 years of colonial rule over Hong Kong, the UK never permitted Hong Kongers to elect the Governor, and the United States did not protest against the UK for it either. Now when the system designed by China for Hong Kong is far more democratic than that allowed by the UK, the United States instead strongly protests against the China’s government. While I’m at it, which school provides the best excavator skills?

OK, self-admitted foreigner, you still don’t understand exactly what goes on in Hong Kong. It’s understandable, being behind the Great Firewall of China, you may not have access to some much-needed information. Because you’re right, in 150 years of British rule, the Hong Kong people didn’t protest for democracy (in the sense of voting for their executive chief), I’ll give you that. What you didn’t know, is that they were struggling so hard just to even be able to vote in their legislative district representatives, and that didn’t even happen until 1984. That’s right, Hong Kong people couldn’t vote until 1984! Not that they didn’t ask for it, they were protesting for a really long time, but I didn’t see the western media reporting much on this either. Meanwhile, years before that, China was constantly threatening to overtake Hong Kong by force, and as part of some political maneuvering, the British government promised that Hong Kong would not be a base for democracy, as long as China just let the Brits stay, and make money with Hong Kong. The 1984 vote was hard-earned by Hong Kong democracy activists. So why try to vote their Chief Executive now? It goes back to this line in the White Papers released in June:

“The high degree of autonomy of the HKSAR (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) is not full autonomy, nor a decentralized power,” said the paper. “It is the power to run local affairs as authorized by the central leadership.”

If you say, “I’ll give you a high degree of autonomy” only to then say “I determine how much autonomy you get”, you’re “meddling in the internal affairs of Hong Kong”, to use their favorite phrase. I welcome JohnRoss431: and others to read more details, and check out the interview with Martin Lee, who clearly explains in my previous post Hong Kong: Making History Again.

Information blackout over #OccupyCentral and #UmbrellaRevolution….

— 阿江 (@1312JLZ) October 6, 2014

UPDATE: October 8, 2014
BeiJing Cream did a nice job digging up information on who exactly John Ross is. Recently, there was a Global Times article that somehow managed to offend him…


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