Summer Religious Smackdown!

China has reprimanded 15 Xinjiang officials for violations that include adhering to religious faith, state media said on Tuesday, amid a crackdown on what the government calls illegal religious activities in the unruly western region.

There is a line between “separation of church and state” and all-out religious suppression. If these officials were praying on personal behalf, even in a public location, as long as they weren’t claiming to represent the Party or government in any capacity, they should not be reprimanded. Whether or not that was the case, no one has actually said anything.

However, last week the central government cracked down on unlicensed madrassas, and that they “rescued” 82 kids:

Children in Xinjiang are prohibited by the government from attending madrassas, prompting many parents who wish to provide a religious education to use underground schools.

Another 24 people were detained for preaching jihad, and nine others for promoting terrorism and religious extremism, the newspaper added.

It’s more than just religion: This, came after China had declared “equal birth rights for all people in China, minority and majority”. Sounds nice, right? “Birth right”…

They are implementing the “One-Child Policy” on all minorities. Previously, this policy had only applied towards the Han majority, while all minorities were exempt previously. What’s really racist about this, is that some areas have already relaxed the one-child policy, which of course applies to the Han. Yet, now “for the sake of equality”, the central government wants to “equally” apply the one-child policy towards minorities?

All this, while in Tibet, there are more crackdowns on protestors:

But back to religion…

and Peter Lee once again put out some great insights on the situation in Pakistan, and how it’s actually emboldening Muslims in China:

Then of course, as mentioned in our first podcast, there’s the arrest of the Canadian Christian couple, the Garratts. They were involved with helping groups assisting North Koreans escaping, and running in-house churches.

China doesn’t realize that its actions against religion is just forcing more and more people towards it:


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