Chinese Drones 2014

When most consumers think of drones, their first thoughts are just like those of innocent Taiwanese:

But I hear most army folk don’t use that term. They prefer to call them Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (or really “UAVs”), because it wouldn’t be the military, unless you take something simple, give it a complex name to make commissioned officers feel good about coming up with something smart, and then dumb it down again via some sort of acronym, because they think so much of their enlisted folk. Well, aside from being expensive toys you use to market your company’s products to kids with rich parents, they have much more tactical applications:

  • Shoot people at the press of a button.
  • Collect intelligence, that this website will not get into.
  • Visit disaster areas
  • Collect topological information

Sounds like it’s much more fun than your puny toy your dad bought you! Almost makes you want to sign away several years of your life away, just to get your hands on this stuff! Nah… I think I’ll settle for admiring these things at a convention, Welcome, to 中國第五屆無人機大會暨展覽會(China’s fifth UAV convention) on July 9th…

They even mentioned 3-D printing for UAV parts.


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