Cautions on How to Respond to China

Republican House of Representative for Virginia, Randy Forbes wrote a very good article, which was featured on the Asia Times:

In it, he praised the US Navy’s War College for developing a stream of open source analysis on understanding China’s PLA-N expansion, and the rise of China in general. However, he questions a lot of the US’ recent rhetoric on China, as more confrontational than doing anything good. He is especially critical of the US Navy’s expansion without giving much detail, except that it’s trying to prevent the next war. It’s like asking Rudy Giuliani how he’s going to defend against terrorism, he just says, “9-11!”

General Dynamics and Austal USA, are both respectively the major contractors for the Navy’s expansion.

General Dynamics is the number Twelve donor to his campaign:

Although General Dynamics is not in the top ten, the fact that he’s willing to criticize the Navy’s expansion at the risk of losing a bit of campaign money is noteworthy. Reminds me of a recent interview the US China Policy Foundation did with Mr. Robert Daly, director of the Kissinger Institute.


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