Combined Exercise: “Tekken” 2014

Yeah! 鐵拳(“Tekken”)!

No? Not quite?

Oh… I mean “Iron Fist”:

Yes, the combined US-Japan exercise that started ever since 2006 is still on. Although the US is saying that this is merely an annual exercise, and isn’t specifically targeted at any nation, China doesn’t think of it that way. In fact, US exercises with the ROK being “just an annual” thing doesn’t sound all that convincing to the people of the DPRK. So is it “just an annual” event with no intention of encircling China? Or is it a direct response to the ever-growing aggressiveness of Chinese assertions over a bunch of stupid floating rocks the Pinnacles? Let’s just say: It’s both.

These exercises started in 2006. 2004-2006 was another period of enflared Sino-Japanese conflict, as described in the 2005 Hong Kong documentary 鏗鏘集 (HK Connection) “中國人的憤怒”(“The Rage of the Chinese”), as mentioned in an earlier post entitled, “Black Christmas”.

Some of the main differences, is that previous exercises were extremely small in scale: About 25. This time, it’s 250. As always, amphibious landings are emphasized, and the Chinese of course are worried what this means for the Pinnacles.

Pictures for all to see:

Footage for all to see:

*Footage and Pictures are the respective rights of their owners, Congkering Path is only providing these pictures and video footage for a better understanding of what the training entails.*

Despite the US inviting the Chinese for the first time in Cobra Gold as a sign of wanting to include them, they are not afraid to continue on with this exercise to show the Chinese they won’t take any of their threats lightly. Consider this another page in America’s Playbook.

America put itself in a bad position in the middle east, but if it wants to really get involved with the drama in Asia, have at it. How will they deal with an ever-increasing defiant Abe, who’s got his own Asia playbook? At the same time, how will they deal with China economically and on the military front? Oh, and of course, there’s always Russia and North Korea. This seems like another trainwreck waiting to happen.


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