Abe’s Second Yasakuni Shrine visit Before Year End

Everyone is up in arms over Abe going to the Yasakuni shrine again. To some Japan, it is a simple matter of honoring the dead. However, this is much more controversial than that, as the shrine houses tablets honoring class A war criminals, of which Abe’s maternal grandfather was convicted of being one. It’s no wonder why Abe has a revisionist mentality, no one wants to view their own grandfather as a criminal.

According to some, people visiting the Yasakuni shrine is akin to people going to Arlington Cemetary. If you want to take this, and extend it to a scene in Judgement at Nurumberg

…The only thing that made the Allied Powers different from the Axis powers, was the Allies had won, and as such, they could write history to their own doing. As such, if Americans can visit the Arlington National Cemetary to pray for their dead, why can’t the Japanese do the same?

There’s a problem with this. What was mentioned at the Judgement at Nurumberg, was a sort of self-reflection for being complacent to the crimes against humanity, and they felt they were just as guilty as those who had committed them. Have the right-wing Japanese learned their lesson about what happened in WWII? No. They stand against the rest of pacifist Japan, and constantly revise history. A day after “http://www.japanfocus.org/-Akiko-Takenaka/2443

Heck, even the Japanese Emperor himself stopped going to the shrine because of the housing of war criminals…


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