Xi’s Meeting Military Leaders

After talking about Xi’s visit to South Korea, the Hong Kong podcast 『國情揭露』(“National Conditions Revealed”) revealed what Xi had said, as the Central Military Committee’s Head, laying down some of his opinions to Military Leaders. Here’s a summary of what the host had mentioned [in Cantonese]:

  • Most modern nations like the US emphasize: “Navy, Air Force, Army”; The PLA currently: “Army, Navy, Air Force”, but it’s changing to model itself after the US.
  • Held a session with PLA generals, admitted they are the experts on leading battles, but wanted to clarify the significance of the military and war, because everybody needs to be on the same page with 5 points:
    1. The party’s relations to the conflicts of the 20th century
    2. WWII, especially the Pacific Theater‘s special significance to China
    3. Clarify China’s knowledge over America, and Sino-American relations
    4. The Military’s Destiny(aka Military modernization): [the host of the podcast] Will not go into further detail
    5. Contemporary Cultural wars (aka Human rights): [the host of the podcast] Will not go into further detail

    The first 3 points have pretty much done a complete 180 on CCP thought since its very founding, which is why more time was spent on them.

    1. In the first two wars the CCP participated in, 國民黨(Kuo-Min-Tang/Nationalist Party) was the main lead, and the CCP only played a supporting role.
    2. Officially, the party admits their subordinate role in the 北伐(“Northern Expedition”, but the claims they were the active lead on the 抗日戰爭(the Second Sino-Japanese War).1
      Xi’s got some balls to go against what’s being taught in schools.
    3. During the 國共內戰(Chinese Civil War), both parties were in lead roles.
    4. From 1949-1989…

    5. 8 Months after the Civil War, they had the Korean War (aka “抗美援朝戰爭”[“War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea”]), and fought that for 3 years
    6. This was immediately followed by Chinese aid to Vietnam from 1953-1957 for the 越南戰爭(Vietnam War).2
    7. 1962: Sino-Indian War
    8. 1969: Sino-Russian skirmish over the 珍寶島(Damansky Island)
    9. 1979: 懲越戰爭(Sino-Vietnamese War). The host said 1979-1989, but that is most likely an error, unless you include possible continued intelligence operations and successive diplomatic deals.
  • The CCP is filled with the seeds of war. Its state of mind is in a constant state of war. Now, because wars are always fought with “Righteousness” (i.e. enemy=bad guy; me=good guy), you get locked into this idea of that everything we do is right, and there’s no way for self-reflection, and makes for narrow minds, which stifles thought.
  • Recently, the sense of imminent danger (危機感) has been dramaticized, and has prevented it from catching the opportunity (機遇) to establish any form of peace and stability. It’s because post-war Japan and Germany didn’t go to war, that lead to both their economies expanded.
  • China’s autocracy, of “What the leader says, goes”, has lead to more internal struggles between factions, which has made its way to the common people. You can’t trust anyone. Internationally, those other communist nations who didn’t follow China’s interpretation, became known as “revisionists”, which further set China apart from the rest of the world, leading China to be sanctioned many times in the past.
  • Even though China says it doesn’t meddle in others’ internal affairs, why is it that the US sticks its hands into every war and conflict, but isn’t ostricized?
    1. Because everyone they whacked pretty much deserved it.3
    2. Also, America never (at least on the surface) never used war as an opportunity to take what it wanted.

A 2010 documentary〈國殤〉”Martyrs of a Nation”, was actually banned, because it went counter to what the party was saying:

The host claims that this is the first instance where a Chinese official is publicly acknowledging it’s aid to Vietnam, but I’ll have to investigate this further.

Noam Chomsky of course would disagree.

But the host’s point, meant that the US found a reason to whack them. Back to that idea of fighting a “Righteous” war. In other words, China has once again lost on the PR front.


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