Just in Time For Valentines: Busting Prostitution!

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Thousands of police in Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang, followed their colleagues in Guangdong and raided 2,700 hotels and saunas on Thursday

People may think that this is somehow a national campaign now. No. This is a giant beuracracy with too many people trying to vie for a chance at a promotion and impressing the leadership that grades them.

Here’s an opinion Mr. Sonny Lo gave to the South China Morning Post (SCMP) gives some possible reasons as to why this might have started in GuangDong:

First and foremost, once CCTV aired a programme on Sunday that uncovered the seriousness of the prostitution problem in Dongguan, the provincial leadership in Guangdong came under tremendous pressure from the top to act. Some said Guangdong party secretary Hu Chunhua was pressured to immediately deal with the prostitution industry. Another explanation was that he had to show some consistency in dealing with crime, given the recent crackdown on drugs in Lufeng.

From the way it sounds, this started out as a local issue, and ended up getting so big, the central government got involved. The case in Harbin is just another local official trying to impress their bosses. Harbin too, shall pass. It’s all just a game

In any case, 東莞副市長、公安局局長(Deputy Mayor+Municipal Public Security Head of DongGuan), 嚴小康 (Yan, Xiao Kang) was relieved of all his positions by the 廣東省常委委會 (GuangDong Provincial Party Committee), in connection to the vice operations:
http://www.nownews.com/n/2014/02/14/1120119 (In Chinese)

Oh yeah, HAPPY VALENTINES! This came in just in time. Oh, and this year, the holiday just so happens to fall in line with 元宵 (The Lantern Festival), which marks the end of New Years celebrations, and is a last chance for family to get together and have some family fun. Hope some people weren’t trying to do that in 東莞 (DongGuan).


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