CCP, Taiwanese Freedom-Fighters. Weird Bedfellows

But it’s true, in a sort of weird twisted way. The current lame-duck President of Taiwan is waning in popularity, and he was at the fore-front of cross-strait ties. So now it’s time to look towards others.

There are lots of good candidates to choose from:

However, the most interesting, is the courting of the Democratic Progressive Party(DPP):
video in Mandarin

It seems like they might actually making some breakthroughs as well. To be honest though, this wouldn’t be the first time they had cooperated with each other. Seems weird, right? Why the hell would the CCP support a party who’s all for Taiwanese Independence, which the CCP doesn’t want? Well, the support came, because at the time, the CCP was still the sworn enemy of the party in control of the islands –the KMT. So it was rather convenient:
video in Cantonese


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