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I had a friend who hailed from Jilin Province. He was a big MMORPG fan, before the term MMO was introduced to most folks in the US.

Last time there was a game from China that got some buzz, it was some game about the PLAN fighting the US Armed Forces over some rocks off some coast due east.

Now comes another game:

It’s simply called 『打貪腐』(Busting Corruption) in this game, you play a person who tases corrupt officials. This is fun, but if you look at the cartoon graphics it’s almost a G Rated game. But this 2-D side-scroller might want to consider an upgrade in that rating, by adding some more “truthful” bloody violence and add to the reality, by changing it into a first-person shooter. Maybe, they can think about changing the storyline. Maybe instead of just having corrupt government officials, let’s link them up to a drug cartel that delivers and produces drugs. Maybe like this one in 廣東省,海陸豐 (GuangDong Province, HaiLuFeng). In fact, you can probably get more people talking about it, when you stretch the truth, and add in captions that say things like “Based on the events of a true story”, because they were:


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